The world is driven by you, and by me, and by our creativity and passion. We live in a time when we ourselves are deciding and redefining what is possible every day. We are involved together on a global scale, connecting, sharing our ideas, driving innovation, and architecting a sustainable future. The way we work is always evolving. We no longer belong to a single discipline, but are all candidates for every discipline, building and creating using any tool and on any canvas.

Adobe's Creative Cloud provides us a host of tools to foster, increase, stretch, and push the limits of our creativity, and these tools are available to us anywhere there is Internet, on any screen. So learning how to use these tools becomes key to thriving in our digital frontier. Certiport, partnering with Adobe, offers the opportunity to gain, refine, and validate your knowledge of Adobe software through the Adobe Certified Associate certification program.

But an ACA Certification isn't just proof that we understand how to use software, it's proof that we are called to be innovative, that we desire to do better, that we are working to unlock a career in creativity. We are forming a new generation, a creative generation, one not defined by age, status, or possessions, but by a shared goal of creating the change we want to see in the world. And with our fire, with Adobe's tools, with an ACA Certification, we are all candidates for success.