Administrators are vital to leading the charge to creativity. But balancing all the concerns of your institution and still finding ways to provide your teachers and students with the right tools and the right environment for creativity is no easy task. What can you do to make sure your institution is offering the best to the students who come through your doors? What software, apps, or services will best serve your teachers and students? What is the benefit of a certification?

The answers are surprisingly simple. Take a moment and consider the Adobe Creative Cloud and the ACA Certification program. 65% of today's primary school kids will end up at jobs that do not currently exist. In order to help students to prepare for and thrive in a continuously evolving job market, the Creative Cloud offers tools and services to inspire and enable career paths, and the ACA certification serves as proof to employers of the right skills and abilities. Additionally, a majority of students, 58%, say they learn more in a blended environment where teachers provide them access to more recent, often non-traditional tools and technology.

The ACA Certification, then, becomes invaluable both as way to encourage creativity, and creative expression, and a metric for your institution to measure that creativity, by validating student's skills and providing evidence of their knowledge. In fact, studies show that students who earn a certification as part of a career-oriented education program achieve a much higher level of academic success, with an average GPA half a point higher, and an almost 30% increase in the graduation rate.

Even better, the ACA Certification program provides you with teaching materials, practice tests, and a host of other resources, so you're never on your own. As a leading institution, invested in the success of your students, the ACA Certification is a perfect opportunity to better prepare the students who pass through your doors for a world driven by collaboration and creativity.