IC Citizen Certification is the first certification program in the world specifically designed to produce digitally literate and responsible citizens. This unique and universal certification program is dedicated to promoting an Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) and establish rules for acceptable behavior, or netiquette, when operating digital devices and using the Internet.

"Netizen is an Internet user who possesses a sense of civic responsibility for her/his virtual community in much the same way citizens would feel responsible for a physical community."
Michael Hauben

Producing Digitally Literate and Responsible Citizens

  • Critical thinkers able to analyze sources of information and communications.
  • Understand the ethical consequences of online behavior.
  • Make ethical online decisions.
  • Prepare users for a society of technology without misusing and abusing it.
  • Promote good behavior and respect when communicating and collaborating in the digital world.
  • Ensure equal, secure and reliable access to digital media and resources.

Acquire Knowledge and Understanding of Eight Critical Values
The IC Citizen Certification program certifies knowledge and understanding of the following values:

  • e-Access
  • e-Literate
  • e-Rule
  • e-Safety
  • e-Interaction & Collaboration
  • e-Enterprise
  • e-Care
  • e-Accountability

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