Recent advances in technology are driving new ways of doing business in healthcare. This, in turn, has created an increased need for healthcare training and certification. IC Health was created to address the skill-validation needs of all healthcare professionals: general practitioners, specialists, healthcare managers, nurses, and administrative staff.

Acquire Knowledge in Critical Areas

IC Health helps healthcare workers prove proficiency in the following areas:

  • The Health Information System
  • Management of patients' personal data in the Health Information System
  • Clinical folders
  • The safety of patients and the management of clinical risks
  • Internet and vocational training in medicine

Benefits of IC Health Certification

With the IC Health certification, you are instantly recognized as someone with the critical skills needed to use the latest computer and Internet technology effectively to achieve business objectives, expand productivity, improve profitability, and provide a competitive edge.

You also get instant access to your Certiport Authenticated Digital Transcript. This first-of-its-kind service let's you easily access your exam and certification status, and enables you to share this verified information with potential schools, employers, and staffing agencies.

Learn More

To learn more, view the IC Health Datasheet.

For additional details, please view the Frequently Asked Questions and Exam Objectives.