Introducing new testing for Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook 2013.

Candidates will expand and prove technical skills by demonstrating how to customize the Outlook user interface format message content, create or insert graphic elements, and send and respond to emails and meeting requests. They can also manage and share multiple calendars, schedule meetings and appointments, create contact records and tasks, and set up contact groups to facilitate communication with other Outlook users.

Certiport makes Outlook certification as easy as 1-2-3 with a unique, three-step pathway:

  1. LEARN how to use Microsoft Office Outlook using content-rich materials including textbooks, online eCourseware, and video resources.
  2. PRACTICE using interactive exam preparation tools and practice exams.
  3. CERTIFYand validate skills taking Certiport performance-based exams.

MOS Outlook 2013 Exam

Some of the tasks you will be required to perform include creating and maintaining a database, formatting a table, running queries, setting form controls and setting formatting a report. This exam is designed for candidates who have a fundamental understanding of the Access 2013 environment and the ability to complete tasks independently.

MOS 2013 Master Certification

Demonstrate that you have the deepest level of skills needed to proficiently use Office programs by earning a Microsoft Office 2013 Master certification.

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