Preparing Tomorrow's Technology Workforce

Because virtually every business in the world, large or small, relies on technology, there's a demand for people with fundamental knowledge of how technology works. As an educator, you understand technology's impact on today's academic and workplace environment, and you are a resource for students interested in exploring professions involving technology. That's why Microsoft and Certiport are pleased to offer you the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification—a new entry-level credential from Microsoft that validates fundamental technology knowledge among students seeking to build a career in technology.

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is the ideal and preferred path to Microsoft's world-renowned technology certification programs, such as Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). MTA is positioned to become the premier credential for individuals seeking to explore and pursue a career using Microsoft technology, or to augment related pursuits such as business or other fields where technology is pervasive.

Success for Technology Educators

MTA promotes your success. It’s a way to strengthen the substance and value of your technology and business courses by certifying students right in the classroom. Ultimately, student progress and success accelerates. MTA differentiates instructors and provides an academic advantage for students. MTA is cost-effective and easy to deploy, and Certiport makes it easy to start using MTA today. It comes with exam review curriculum and state-of-the-art certification exams—all leading to an industry-recognized Microsoft credential for students.



MTA prepares educators to teach and test the fundamentals of technology while helping students prepare for advanced IT classes. MTA exams can be delivered by educators in the classroom any day at any time, making it easy to integrate them into existing schedules and curricula.


Create new opportunities for you and your students – MTA exams help you explore potential and passion with a variety of technology tracks.


The MTA exam is the smart alternative to creating and maintain your own exams—MTA exams easily integrate into the most popular Learning Management Systems.


Give your students more than a passing grade this semester. Help students become more competitive when they graduate by providing them with confidence and a Microsoft credential.

The MTA Campus License

Implementing a new certification program in your classroom has never been so easy—with the MTA Campus License. Through the one-time purchase of the 12-month, 500-exam MTA Campus License, there's no more need for ad hoc budget requests and recurrent purchases of exam vouchers. Now, you can budget for one low cost for the entire year—then administer MTA exams to your students and other faculty across your entire campus where and when you want.

The MTA Campus License provides a convenient and affordable suite of entry-level technology certifications designed to empower educators and motivate students as they build a foundation for their careers.