The Student Enrichment Program gives students from India an exposure to the American culture, understanding of American Sports, attend the American School for a week and have an interesting story to tell: an American immersion experience and an academic credit, all at the same time through this academic focused tour.

Benefits of the Program

  • Increases the participants' understanding and appreciation of other cultures
  • Improves their language skills & broadens their social & global horizons
  • This program is truly a life-changing experience, students will return more confident, willing and able to take on academic, professional and personal challenges


The Cedar Rapids Community School District Board has entered in to an exclusive agreement with TLUPS (division of Transitions Lab Preparatory School) for next five years to develop and launch the SEP program. TLUPS leads the program coordinating with organizations like Mount Mercy University, LBA foundation, Study Iowa, University of Iowa, ESP International, Mercy Hospital, St Lukes hospital, Rockwell Collins, YMCA, Quaker Oats etc.

In India, TLUPS has an exclusive tie-up with India CyberLearning Pvt. Ltd. (CyberLearning) for assisting the schools and students to get the most out of this program.

Boost Confidence through this intense and exciting program.

The participating students will:

  • get an opportunity to study in an American high school for 1 week
  • get to know learning methodologies and environments in US Schools
  • study and collaborate in class environment
  • spend additional time doing an internship and/or volunteering
  • work on improving English language arts and research skills
  • involve in host of activities to be selected from biking, swimming, running etc. leading to appropriate certifications like American Red Cross certification
  • understand, learn, experience and reflect on the unique a American culture
  • enjoy Iowa in a relaxed setting, getting to know Amish village, rural and mid-west America,
  • cruising Mississippi river,
  • visiting university campuses in Iowa an
  • visiting Chicago watching football and ice hockey games
  • engage with political and social leaders, Government officers, academicians and researchers and entrepreneurs

SEP- An ideal program for Students

While this program is a must for a student who is looking for admission in top US Universities because it empowers the students with an interesting story to tell in their application, an American immersion experience and an academic credit, all as a part of University prep. This anyways helps other students also because cross cultural exposure is a must in the 21st Century

Little More Information

Stay - Students live in a hotel.

Who will supervise - Trained Local Coordinators are available to provide a great experience, ensure excellent experience and take care of concerns, if any.

US Visa - The School board will provide with an invite for the students who are registered for this program. This is a short stay program which involves less than 18.5 hours of class work. The participants are not eligible for F1 or J1 visa but only for B1/B2 visa.

Food - Breakfast and lunch are generally provided in the school for the days students will attend the School. Vegetarian and non- vegetarian options are available. The city offers a wide variety of food.

In case of any special dietary needs or medical conditions like allergies are there please let us know in advance. We will try our best to accommodate.