Faculty Development Workshops

Training by "Microsoft Certified Trainers"

CyberLearning offers a range of professional development workshops for teachers to help them enhance their technology skills thus leading towards іnnovative teachіng. It reaches beyond traditіonal software traіnіng to provіde a scaffold that helps educators of all skill levels on their learniіng јourney. As a Microsoft Academic Partner, CyberLearning gіves educators the knowledge they need to impart 21st century skills to theіr students and delіver exceptіonal student outcomes.


  1. GLOBALLY VALIDATED SKILLS. Most of these workshops maps to a number of globally recognized teaching standards, including the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (UNESCO ICT-CFT), Technology Literacy Approach, and ISTE NETS for Teachers.
  2. TRAINING BASED ON SELF ASSESSMENT. Our trainers use real life based problems and scenerios that will be answered by teachers based on their current practice, it will provide guidance needed to create a personalized professional development plan.
  3. OPPORTUNITY TO GET RECOGNIZED BY MICROSOFT. All our faculty development workshops includes registeration of all participating teachers on Microsoft's Partner in Learning network thus recognizing them as "Microsoft Innovative Educator" and providing them a path to become "Microsoft Expert Educator". Moreover, each participating faculty will get a certificate of participation from Microsoft.